Teh Yew Kiang

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Born in 1956 to a farming family. Teh was raised in a small town , where wilderness abounds. When young, during school class, he always impulsively doodled freely on text books about animal and fairytales. Familiar with the sound, smell and sight of forest which was just a stones throw away from his home, he developed a keen sense of affinity and an enduring rapport with Mother Nature, from his childhood days, Naturally he aspired to be a wildlife artist. Ever since, it has become his one and only life-long profession.

His passion and expertise in wildlife painting led him into philatelic design. So far, he has designed 7 series of Malaysian wildlife stamps. commissioned by Pos Malaysia. Several of the designs won prestigious awards both locally and internationally.

Besides being engaged in aesthetic creativity as a full-time artist, Teh also devotes himself to nature conservation project carried out by various non-governmental organizations.


1956 - Born in Perak

1978 - Graduated from Malaysian Institute of Art Kuala Lumpur.

1988 - Solo Exhibition : Feather & Fur, Creative Centre, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

1993 - Solo Exhibition : Nature Naturally ‘93, Amoda Building, Kuala Lumpur

2017 - Solo Exhibition : Nature Naturally '17, KEN Gallery, Menara KEN TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

2018 - Exhibition & Panel of Jury: Stamp Show Dhaka 2018, The Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka.

Stamp Design Awards :

1997 -- Nest international Design (New Zealand)

            Title : Hidupan Liar (Wildlife)

2001 -- Malaysia Most Popular Issue 2001

            Title : Ayam Katik (Malaysia Bantams)

2002 -- International Best Joint Iddue (Malaysia - Singapore)

            Title : Burung Tropika (Tropical Birds)