Dezi Chui

Dezi Chui Portrait2.png

Dezi Chui graduated from The One Academy of Communication Design, major in Illustration. After graduated, Dezi Chui spent 12 years in Animation and Game industries and 4 years in Adverting industry. Dezi Chui likes heritage and architecture buildings. Dezi kept exploring different countries buildings structure, designs using different paint medium, style and decided to finally turn his passion for own art style into profession. He has experimented different angle and perspective of buildings. Buildings such as urban buildings, historical landmark buildings, iconic architecture, cathedral, church, temple, mosque, abandon spot and decades shop lots. The purpose of my art piece is to brings back old memories such as childhood, historical, happy and etc. Dezi always think that buildings can tell stories and stories are builded from peoples. Currently Dezi working in an own illustration studio in Kuala Lumpur.


1985 - Born in Pahang Malaysia

2007 - Graduated From The One Academy of Communication Design

2014 - Noise Singapore Showcase 2014

2014 - SIGAE Art Exhibition

2015 - Affordable Art Fair - SG50 Feature Wall

2015 - Noise Singapore Showcase 2015

2016 - Let Art Speak Feature Wall - Affordable Art Fair 2016

2017 - Affordable Art Fair 2017

2017 - The Art Porters Gallery - Autumn Hang

2018 - Young Talent Programme 2018/19 - Affordable Art Fair Singapore